Welcome To BrakeForce Plus

We sell new and reconditioned brake and clutch parts to the trade and retail. Our staff have about 40 years experience between them and want to give customers good service and a competitive pricing. We have a delivery service to our local account customers. Some examples of what we sell are new brake and clutch cylinders, disc brake pads, disc brake rotors, brake shoes, brake hoses, brake hose and pipe fittings, clutch kits, repair kits for clutch and brake cylinders, caliper kits and pistons, accessories and items to assist in fitting brakes and clutch to vehicles.

We will overhaul(recondition) brake calipers, brake and clutch cylinders, brake boosters, load sensing valves, we will make brake pipes and brake/clutch hoses, we will machine brake disc rotors and drums, machine flywheels.

  • Stainless Steel Sleeving

  • Brake Booster Overhauls

  • Monroe Shock Absorbers

  • Brake & Clutch Cylinders

  • Brake & Clutch Hoses, Rubber & S/Steel Braided

  • Disc Brake Pads, Standard & Performance



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