Brake pipes are ILLEGAL if made from a full copper pipe.

Please be aware that there are some pipes that are copper coated for protection only, not made of copper.

Brake pipe is available in several sizes: 3/16(most common), ¼, 5/16, 3/8 and ½.

Brake pipe is available in steel, copper nickel and stainless steel although not all sizes are available in each style.

BrakeForce Plus normally carries a vast majority of sizes in stock and has a large range of tube nuts, both steel and stainless steel available. Also available are some tools to assist you with the making of brake pipes. The flaring tool, tube pliers, tube bender. A premium thread identification kit is available to assist in making sure the correct threaded tube nut is selected when doing the job.

BrakeForce Plus has the facilities on hand to make your pipe complete or can just supply you with the parts.

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